2023 Smart Mobility Grand Award

TriTerra Technology Limited

Kaihon1000 Smart Power Station

Description of Entry:
Kaihon1000 Power Station serves 3 major aspects – 1) Outdoor Power Supply, 2) Green Energy Application, 3) Emergency Power Supply. Kaihon1000 contains 1000Wh energy capacity with 7 different types of power output sockets, and outputs 1250W to support basically any kind of electrical appliances. Kaihon1000 is obsessed with high-quality design, technological innovation, and smart application. In terms of high-quality design, Kaihon1000 adopts original product design with bright color scheme to create a youthful and sunny brand difference. In addition, users can intuitively control the operation of the system through the touch screen on the product panel. Technological innovation is reflected in the LLC resonant inverter technology with an efficiency of up to 97% to achieve true IP55 weatherproof-safety applications and compact product size. Each socket of Kaihon1000 can be independently switched and programmed to meet the needs of smart home applications. The product's built-in UPS function continues to provide power to important instruments when the power grid is abnormal or even has a power outage. Green energy storage can be achieved by connecting Kaihon1000 to a portable solar panel. Smart Application is realised through TriTerra mobile App, users can remotely connect to Kaihon1000s via Bluetooth or internet to monitor product operation, switch on/off independent power sockets, schedule plans for power supply of individual socket or energy charging for cheaper electrical bill, show live and historical data of green energy collection and electricity consumption. The comprehensive battery management system maintains the operational safety of the product 24/7; in case of abnormal conditions, the product system will alarm the user's mobile phone.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
The solution offers a portable charging solution and can be used in many scenarios. It is a functional and environmentally friendly solution for travellers, with the potential for a scalable global market. Its hardware, including the DC to AC converters, bring innovation to the industry and can be widely adopted by the community. Its solar charging capability can also save electricity costs and provide flexibility in remote areas.

Website of Entry: https://www.triterrapower.com/