2017 Award of the Year Winner and Best Business Solution Grand Award

GoAnimate Hong Kong Limited

GoAnimate - Cloud-based animated video creation platform

Description of Entry:
Video facilitates better communication and drives engagement with and retention of information. GoAnimate’s do-it-yourself (DIY) animation platform provides the means for anyone at any skill level to create professional-quality videos. With over 8.5 million registered users, GoAnimate has helped Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, and individuals make more than 22 million videos. Professionals in a variety of job roles, from trainers to marketers, are using GoAnimate to communicate in a way that engages and motivates their audience to take action—quickly and cost-effectively through video.

Comments from Judging Panel:
Originally, GoAnimate was offered as free service for interested hobbyists to make their own 2D animation back in 2012. And after 4 years, GoAnimate successfully built a sound business model for strong business performance. And there is room for GoAnimate to build a marketplace for third parties to create contents to other users for their video creation.

Website of Entry: http://goanimate.com/

GoAnimate - Cloud-based animated video creation platform 1

GoAnimate - Cloud-based animated video creation platform 2