2022 Digital Entertainment Grand Award


1:1 Airliner Cockpit Interactive Touchscreen Entertainment Simulator/Trainer

Description of Entry:
Acting as both an advanced entertainment and an educational simulator, AerospaceTS had offered an interactive solution for the public to experience the authentic operation of commercial airliners at an affordable cost via a touchscreen interface. Developed by airline captains with over 17 years of experience, the simulator is able to demonstrate extreme realistic scenarios from standard day-to-day commercial flight as well as emergency situations such as engine failures or even advanced compound failures across multiple systems. The outstanding realism has been rewarded with an official licence from Airbus SAS, the aircraft manufacturer itself. The simulator is currently being utilized by the Hong Kong International Airport Academy as a demonstration unit.

(Information is provided by awardee)

Comments from Judging Panel:
The product provides opportunities to simulate training and entertainment experience that require high accuracy and avoid high-risk that is too costly when such occurs. It is suitable for pilots’ training practice and brings aviation knowledge to public. The official license by Airbus adds further credibility to the product. The judging panel expressed appreciation to the production team that the product can be practically applied with good market potential and has created positive social impact in Hong Kong.

Website of Entry: www.aerospace-ts.com