2019 Award of the Year Winner and Digital Entertainment Grand Award


Virtual Idol System

Description of Entry:
"Virtual Idol System" combines multiple technologies. It integrates instant body motion capture, finger motion capture, facial recognition control, and voice control systems into a single all-in-one solution. This system simplifies the traditional computer graphics (CG) animation production process, which typically involves actions, facial expressions, voice-over dubbing, special effects, etc., and accomplishes real-time output. While users normally need to produce CG animation by adjusting frames one by one, this system greatly reduces production effort and time. The system supports live broadcast as well as live-action images import. It allows virtual idols to perform live on stage or at events and interact instantly with the audience. It can also be used in animation production, webcasting and offline performances.

Comments from Judging Panel:
"Virtual Idol System" integrates various virtual reality technologies to develop a real-time broadcasting system of virtual three-dimensional character. The system provides a collection of character and content for user selection. The selected character, controlled by user, will appear and interact with audience in a live show. The atmosphere of the event will be greatly enhanced. Although there are similar products in the market, the competitive advantage of the system is its user-friendliness. Even a secondary school student can operate the system easily after simple training.

In addition to commercial events, the production team also supports educational activities and collaborates with schools by providing system and technical support in designing virtual teacher / mascot to be shown in daily campus television programs. It allows students to learn technical knowledge happily in producing TV programs.

The production team links the technology with existing entertainment platform and successfully attracts collaboration with international brands and celebrities. The team also participates in live broadcasting of eSports events which are very popular in recent years.

It can be foreseen that there are lots of opportunities for the system to be used in education, digital entertainment and eSports. There will be a lot of potential for the system to extend its market. Cooperation with Youtubers in Japan and the United States are some examples. It helps globalisation of their business.

Website of Entry: http://www.redspotscreative.com

Virtual Idol System 1

Virtual Idol System 2