2019 Smart Mobility Grand Award

Airport Authority Hong Kong / Center of Cyber Logistics, AISCL, The Chinese University of Hong Kong / ubiZense Ltd.

IoT-Augmented Airfield Service System (AS2)

Description of Entry:
The “IoT-Augmented Airfield Service System” (AS2) is a cloud-based service-oriented system which utilises and integrates a multitude of existing disparate data sources such as corporate systems and IoT networks. The integrated data is leveraged to bring real-time operations visibility with descriptive and predictive AI-enabled analytics to the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). AS2 enables the HKIA community to better manage aircraft turnaround, which includes processes that need to be performed between the arrival and departure of an aircraft, such as baggage handling and catering. It has a deep-minded map service compatible with ArcGIS and Google map which allows the HKIA community to visualise all aircrafts and equipment on the apron in real-time. A multi-dimensional dashboard service is available to manage turnaround performance with enhanced operational visibility supported by analytics on-demand, and fusing data from flight arrival estimates to readiness of equipment as revealed by IoTs. Descriptive analytics are available to monitor current operations, whereas predictive analytics are available to detect any anomalies from preparatory stage to completion stage. These are important to allow coordination alignment and rapid remedy during normal operation and in times of contingency respectively.


Comments from Judging Panel:
This system is an innovative analytics application for the aviation industry and is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. There would be a great potential for this technology to be exported to other regions and be deployed in other industries.

Website of Entry: http://www.hongkongairport.com/, http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/english/index.html, http://www.ubizense.com/

IoT-Augmented Airfield Service System (AS2) 1

IoT-Augmented Airfield Service System (AS2) 2