2019 Student Innovation Grand Award

City University of Hong Kong
(KWONG Hau-shing / CHUNG Wing-lam / LAM Nga-wai)

Talktag - NFC Audio Labeler for Visually Impaired

Description of Entry:
This is a simple Near-Field Communication (NFC) reading device designed to assist visually impaired persons in identifying objects (and associated reminders) in their day-to-day lives. NFC tags are to be attached on the surface of objects (like card in wallet, box of medicine, jar in kitchen, etc.), and associated voice-clips describing those objects in whatever details would be stored in the device. To identify an object, visually impaired persons can just bring the NFC reader near to the tag, associated voice-clip will be played back to serve the purpose.


Comments from Judging Panel:
With a well-thought design, the device deploys NFC technology and matching of voice-clips (saved in the device) with the NFC tag in providing a practical “recording and identifying” function to visually impaired persons. It smartly uses appropriate and simple technologies and aids the visually impaired community. The applicant has spent good research efforts in obtaining feedback and demand of those visually impaired persons. Factors of easy-of-use, costing and reliability are also well considered. The device should be extended to elderly or dementia patients.

NFC Audio Labeler for Visually Impaired 1

NFC Audio Labeler for Visually Impaired 2