2021 Student Innovation Grand Award

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Jackal XU Zhenda) / The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Rex MA Chun Hung)


Description of Entry:
Dr Body Scan, a professional medical infrared analyzer, is tailored for 3D evaluation of scoliosis issues. It innovates from traditional X-rays, by using infra-red imaging technology to perform 3D reconstruction and thermal imaging of the human back. Using AI, it locates the medical anatomical feature points of the human back automatically, while using the musculoskeletal model to process the 3D structures of big bones, such as backbones, for calculation, leading to a safe and reliable detection, close follow-up, long term analysis for non-surgical cases and assistance for rehabilitation projects of scoliosis and other bad postures. The analyzer can scan within 10-second effectively provides medical staff and patients with three-dimensional information of the spine, while users can check the test report real-time through the APP, enjoy personalized customization and adaptation services based on back data. We commit to escort the healthy growth of teenagers' spines and posture.

(Information is provided by awardee)


Comments from Judging Panel:
This project is a model of the application of technology to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. It can greatly improve the use of simple, low-cost and non-radiation equipment to analyze children with scoliosis in developing countries who are lacking resources. It is really meaningful and rare. Regardless of the market value and its positive impact on society, the project is a rare masterpiece of recent times and is in line with the role played by Hong Kong in the Greater Bay Area and the general direction that Hong Kong needs to focus on the development of biotech.