2020 FinTech Grand Award

Fano Labs Ltd.

Callinter, an Artificial Intelligence Compliance Assurance System

Description of Entry:
Applying advanced AI technologies, Fano Labs has developed a smart Speech Analytics System, Callinter, for their customers in the finance sector. Callinter can greatly enhance capability in general management, risk management and business development of banks, insurance companies and regulatory bodies. It supports dialects, multiple/mixed languages and minority languages (e.g. English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Bahasa, Singlish, etc.).

With the technologies of Speech Recognition and Speaker Diarization, Callinter converts calls into graphs and texts to make it easy for viewing and monitoring. Under the “Call Viewer” of it, users can view contents clearly along with speech patterns and high-risk dialogues detected in calls.

In the customer service world, especially in the financial sector, service quality assurance and regulatory compliance are crucial as they are related directly to risks of compliance failure, lawsuits and huge fines, etc. Callinter helps in ensuring compliance by analysing calls in full, transcribing all calls into texts and highlighting any problematic and/or compliance issues for easier tracking, immediate handling and training. It not only benefits customer services, but also business development.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
Fano Labs specialises in speech, natural language processing (NLP) and big data technologies to help companies servicing their customers. A veteran of the HKICT Awards, having won the Grand Award of Smart Business in 2018, Fano came back this year with a new service called Callinter to join the Fintech Awards. Callinter is a regtech compliance tool that accurately detects non-compliant sales procedures by taking voice recordings in languages such as Cantonese, Bahasa and Thai, and transcribing into English text using NLP. Callinter stood out as it is able to handle mixed languages that depend on tonality (Canto/English) with a high degree of accuracy. This reduces the risk of huge fines, lawsuits and other compliance issues.

Website of Entry: https://www.fano.ai/

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