2020 Smart Business Grand Award

Immigration Department, HKSAR Government

When Technology meets Quality Service : Next Generation Smart Identity Card System

Description of Entry:
The Hong Kong Identity Card (HKIC), as an essential proof of identity of all Hong Kong residents, is inseparable from our everyday lives. To continue issuing highly secured new smart HKICs and carry out the four-year Territory-wide Identity Card Replacement Exercise, the Immigration Department (ImmD) introduced in November 2018 the Next Generation Smart Identity Card System, which makes good use of information technology at every point of contact with residents, from appointment booking, registration to collection of HKICs, so that residents can enjoy our quality public services. For instance, residents only need to take a few simple steps to make appointments and fill application forms in advance through the newly launched mobile application. In addition, residents can easily and efficiently complete the HKIC replacement process by using the Self-service Registration Kiosks and the Self-service Collection Kiosks. To cater to the needs of the elderly and persons with disabilities residing in residential care homes (RCHs) and spare them the trouble of visiting our replacement centres for HKIC replacement, the ImmD has also developed a secured and reliable mobile registration system so that they can enjoy our one-stop services at their RCHs.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
The panel appreciated that this 2nd generation Smart Identify Card system is an important infrastructure service supporting identity management functions for all the residents in Hong Kong, in addition to providing great convenience in border crossing with high level of security and efficiency. By design, this new ID card system can support other public services where the identities of the residents require electronic verification.

Comparing with the first generation Smart Identity Card, the new 2nd generation cards support contactless reading. This feature further reduces the time required for going through the self-serve gates at our very busy border control points.

Website of Entry: www.smartid.gov.hk

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From detection of rain to safeguarding of the community against hazardous weather  2