2018 Student Innovation Grand Award

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

UMix Music App

Description of Entry:
The modern music industry prefers digital music production, but it is not the most competent and dynamic practice. The process of playing instruments, transposing music notes to MIDI and editing via those perplexing professional music softwares consumes time and manpower, brought down the effectiveness and efficiency of music production immensely. Therefore, our team proposed the UMix Music App project, which mainly consists of music production tools, music sharing and collaboration community.

To get rid of the high barrier, high budget, steep learning curve and the sophisticated UI of professional music softwares, our team has been researching and developing the voice-to-MIDI conversion, key signature detection, chord detection and rhythm detection algorithms, using artificial intelligence and digital audio processing techniques. By humming the melody, users could produce a complete digital music work anytime and anywhere, that reduces the complexity of music composition and could master the skills effectively. Users can eventually export and share their completed music work to the community.

The ultimate goal is to transform the current digital music production industry such that everyone can learn and produce music more easily and smoothly, disregarding age, background and music preferences.

Comments from Judging Panel:
There is no similar apps in the market and it can connect to other software directly. Output can be converted directly into different format as well. Innovation element on voice is enough and the app with great market value. Judges suggested Android Version is needed in future.

Website of Entry: http://umix.hk

UMix Music App