Winner of 2020 Award of the Year and ICT Startup Grand Award

Blutech IoT Ltd.

Smart Washroom AIoT Solution

Description of Entry:
Blutech IoT Ltd. is a B2B IoT company focusing in the development of intelligent AIoT systems for enterprises and shopping malls. To improve property management efficiency and customer experience, a smart washroom AIoT solution is built to monitor the availability, usage rate and hygiene conditions of washrooms. AI functions are provided like predictive maintenance, route planning and queue time estimation through integrating various smart sensors, low-energy wireless communication technologies, well-designed digital washroom signages and big data analysis. The system was adopted and installed in a few places already.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
This start-up company realises the intelligent management and operation functions of toilets. The project has significant value where the implementation of human-centered design improves the quality of life of citizens. The project will have greater room for development and market potential, in addition to practicing the Internet of Everything and technology applications, so that more ideas and solutions on the Internet of Things putting into practice.

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