2023 Smart Living Grand Award

Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

Making the invisible become touchable: 3D Printing of realistic anatomical model with tactile reality

Description of Entry:
We excel the usage of 3D printing technology in medical field from bench to bedside and beyond. A new system has been devised to produce a variety of ultrasound (US)-visible anatomical models from Artificial-Intelligent-aided (AI-aided) segmented computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or positron emission tomography (PET) datasets. Porcine organs were selected to serve as references on the tactility and hardness of human organs. These organs were needle-punctured via a newly designed device to obtain the needle access feedback force measurements. The tactility and hardness of anatomical models are optimized by titrating the composition of model making materials. Our final products are tactile-realistic and US-visible anatomical models, and can be customized as doctors' and nurses' training or pre-operative testing platforms for image-guided invasive clinical procedures. These in-house products have already supported more than 600 healthcare professionals to undergo various simulation training on e.g. thoracentesis, vascular cannulation, robotic partial nephrectomy, cranioplasty, brain and aorta aneurysm stenting procedures, etc. They can be tailored not only as patient-specific models to support clinical procedures, but may also be translated beyond bedside into representative models for future testing or research uses.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
The 3D Printing model offers a cost-effective training solution for medical professionals. The model allows doctors and trainees to conduct hands-on training in a safe and realistic environment. The in-house developed solution has a clear cost and performance advantage over other available market products. It allows for highly accurate pre-surgical planning and simulation of complex procedures. The solution deeply impacts training, customization options, and the quality and safety of patient care. The judges were impressed by the innovation of the solution, which greatly enhanced the training of young doctors and medical professionals in result of positively impacting public health care at large.

Website of Entry: https://hkec.ha.org.hk/pyneh/internet/index_cnt.html