2018 ICT Startup Grand Award

Belun Technology Company Limited

Belun™ Ring

Description of Entry:
Incorporated in 2016, Belun Technology (Belun™) is headquartered in Hong Kong and is formed by a group of experts in compact sensing, biomedical signal processing and artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithm for pre-screening, management and risk analysis of chronic diseases including sleep health, respiratory, psychiatry and cardiovascular diseases. Belun™ also partners with medical professionals in sleep medicine, psychiatry and cardiology from several prestigious medical schools worldwide.

Belun™ offers FDA-compliant non-invasive wearable products that focus not only on design, comfort but also accuracy. Belun™ core competencies cover both medi-sense (bio-sensing) and medi-bot (AI). Its first product Belun™ Ring passes FDA accuracy requirements in the US in April 2017 and is expected to get FDA approval by Q1 2018. Belun™ secured her first seed funding (~USD3M) in Q1 2017 and Belun™ Ring has been launched in Hong Kong and Taiwan in Jun 2017. To certify Belun™ Ring in Europe and China, to ramp up the production, to scale up the cloud-based AI system for daily habits & environmental factors and to conduct clinical trial of its second product for cardiovascular health, Belun™ starts to raise her A-round which is expected to be closed by Q2 2018 and numerous due diligence is undergoing.

Comments from Judging Panel:
This is a very innovative device developed based on leading technologies. It provides a scalable medical-grade wearable platform for chronic disease pre-screening, risk analysis and post-treatment effectiveness evaluation. Belun™ Ring should be able to command good market potential in the conventional medical market, non-medical market and even individual use at consumer level to pre-screen obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and sleep health monitoring.

The marketing position of the device is clear, its technologies protected by more than 15 patents with relevant regulatory certification.

As a Hong Kong-based company with its R&D carried out by a local team, the considerable research and product development effort deserves our appreciation and commendation.

Website of Entry: http://www.beluntech.com/

Belun™ Ring 1

Belun™ Ring 2