2018 Award of the Year Winner and Smart Living Grand Award

Belun Technology Company Limited

Belun™ Ring

Description of Entry:
Belun™ Ring is a medical-grade wearable platform making use of ICT technologies, bio-sensing, proprietary signal processing techniques and deep learning algorithm in cloud to pre-screen potential obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) sufferers conveniently at home as well as provide sleep health including mental stress in relationship with daytime activities.

Combining the innovative and patented ring shape design and reflective optical design, Belun™ Ring is light-weighted (~10g), comfortable to be worn continuously and nonintrusively during sleep. With the upload of the accurate and high sensitivity overnight data collected by Belun™ Ring through WiFi or mobile network, respiratory disorders during sleep of suspected OSA patients will be identified by Belun™’s cloud-based proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) system. All physiological data, analysis and sleep reports can be viewed and downloaded by authentic people from clinics, health-check centres, respiratory machine vendors and elderly centre which provides additional insights to physicians.

Belun™ Ring also enables user to evaluate how his/her daytime activities affect his/her sleep quality and to review his/her own sleep health holistically and scientifically which is unprecedented in the marketplace.

Comments from Judging Panel:
This wearable ring is innovative and well designed with medical grade features for the users and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients. Well integrated solutions with ICT, cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) and with user friendly interface. Low cost comparing with traditional medical checking system and able to speed up the assessment time and treatment process. It is no doubt that it can help to promote smart and heathy living to the general public.

Website of Entry: http://www.beluntech.com/

Belun™ Ring 1

Belun™ Ring 2