2023 Smart Business Grand Award

Optix Solutions Limited / MTR Corporation Limited

Revolutionizing Quality Control and Assurance in the Construction Industry Using AI

Description of Entry:
Our product, Intrinsity, is an advanced AI text analytics tool designed to automate the approval process with exceptional accuracy, emulating the judgements of industry professionals. With its high standards and revolutionary breakthrough, Intrinsity is set to transform quality assurance in the construction industry. By harnessing the remarkable capabilities of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, this pioneering tool enables fully automated, real-time, unaided, and unbiased analysis of every site inspection document to identify potential issues and discrepancies. This tool eliminates human vulnerabilities that have long plagued manual assurance processes, including biases, fatigue, and distraction. Critical inspection records will no longer be subject to errors arising from human limitations. The tool's statistical and knowledge-driven techniques facilitate comprehensive evaluation of the inspection records. Its self-learning capacity drives continuous capability enhancement for analyzing complex technical content with immense variances. These smart and intelligent features assure risks are mitigated, efficiency is boosted, and quality standards are elevated to new heights. Extensive field-testing with the use of thousands of site inspection documents has demonstrated the tool's immense reliability and promise. The pioneering capabilities honed in this tool can be adapted to streamline assurance processes across different industries like safety audits, insurance claims, and more, enabling organizations to improve the assurance outcomes, enhance productivity, and extract deeper insights at scale. As a locally developed and cost-effective innovation, this tool signifies a momentous achievement set to deliver enormous value. It represents a technological advancement that will fundamentally shape assurance processes at an affordable price with an overall outcome that will benefit organizations and the society as a whole. This AI text analytics tool ushers in the future of assurance.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
This entry demonstrates good use of technology elements through an analytical framework that integrates AI (classification, NLP), probability analysis and recommendation engine. In essence, its main function is to examine Request for Inspection/Survey Check (RISC) Forms and ascertain if the overall assessment (i.e., pass or fail) is in alignment of the detailed assessment/observations made by front-line workers and supervisors. Market potential is good as it can be applied to all types of projects that involve monitoring and reporting of quality assessment through RISC Form.

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