2019 Smart People Grand Award

iCare Edutainment Ltd.

iCare Creator

Description of Entry:
“iCare Creator” is a training programme that helps socially vulnerable groups to get involved in the IT industry. By offering training in their long-term career planning, iCare guides Special Education Needs (SEN) families to create educational moral games and animation, and promotes positive values among the SEN community and the society. iCare also provides job opportunities under social enterprise.

“iCare Creator” training programme introduced the business model of professional gaming companies. According to each individual’s diversified talents, iCare offers them corresponding career training in gaming jobs such as Game Project Design, Information Research, Marketing and Promotion, Art Design and Animation. These independent jobs in gaming companies are closely connected with each other as well. Besides, iCare skillfully instills in them the importance of group task distribution and teamwork. Leaders from over 20 gaming companies in Hong Kong participate in the programme. They act as volunteers, mentors and guest speakers who share experience with the programme.

iCare Edutainment Games Series is co-designed and co-created by the joint efforts of a group of SEN youth. This series of smart phone apps has been created with the purpose of enjoying the fun of learning and the quality time accompanied by parents. Over the past year, iCare has created more than 400 Moral Games with 3.5+ million downloads in 176 countries.


Comments from Judging Panel:
This programme is driven by a pair of very passionate, highly experienced and tech-savvy couple. By means of simple technology tailor-made for the disadvantaged group, it helps their long-term career planning. This programme has significant value, not only for providing assistance to the SEN students and parents, but also in strengthening the self-development of the students.

Website of Entry: http://icare.world/

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