2017 Best Mobile Apps Grand Award

Playnote Ltd.


Description of Entry:
Scalebook™ is a mobile application that helps music students around the world practise Scales, with the help of an artificial intelligence (A.I.) teacher and examiner. Scales playing is a fundamental element in music education, and it is also an essential subject of ABRSM (Associated Board Royal Schools of Music) Exams.

The A.I. teacher can instantly analyse students’ performance after they played, pointing out areas for improvement such as intonation, pitch, rhythm and tone, just like a human teacher. Scalebook™ also provides unlimited mock exams, providing instant detailed feedback and marking.

Scalebook™ uses big data method to analyse students’ strengths and weaknesses, and displays this information in simple graphical form. All practice and mock exam records are stored on the cloud, allowing teachers to easily track their students’ progress. Scalebook™ also provides other tools such as patented interactive fingering, demo recording, etc.

The A.I. teacher can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. The app supports different instruments, including violin, flute, trumpet, clarinet, etc. Scalebook™ supports ABRSM Exams Grades 1 to 5, available for download on the App Store.

Comments from Judging Panel:
This application aims at hundreds of thousands of worldwide students who participate in the ABRSM examinations every year. It can analyse student’s performance in a more scientific way and help teachers on managing and improving the learning and practicing experience of the students with more flexibility while less supervision.

With the only official ABRSM license for music education software globally, it is believed that the app has a good potential to grow in a fast and broaderpace.

Website of Entry:http://www.playnote.com/