2023 ICT Startup Grand Award


Laser Absorption Spectroscopy for Early Lung Cancer Screening

Description of Entry:
NC01 is the world's first CRDS Breathe VOC analyzer for lung cancer screening. Our goal is to replace LDCT which has 97% false-positive rate and carries risk of cancer and provide affordable lung cancer screening service without side effect to Chinese citizens.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
LASENSE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED's development of Laser Absorption Spectroscopy for early lung cancer screening showcases their dedication to advancing healthcare technology. By utilizing this innovative technique, they address the criterion of "Innovation and Creativity" in the Hong Kong ICT Startup Awards. Their focus on early detection of lung cancer demonstrates the potential for significant "Benefits and Impact" in the field of healthcare. Through their technology, LASENSE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED aims to provide a non-invasive and accurate screening method for lung cancer, which can lead to early diagnosis and improved patient outcomes. This aligns with the criterion of "Functionality" as they offer a solution that addresses an important healthcare challenge. With their expertise in laser absorption spectroscopy, LASENSE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED has the potential to revolutionize lung cancer screening, providing a valuable tool for healthcare providers and contributing to the early detection and treatment of this deadly disease. Overall, their commitment to innovation, potential impact, and focus on improving healthcare make them a strong candidate for the Hong Kong ICT Startup Awards.

Website of Entry: http://www.lasensetech.com