2020 Smart Mobility Grand Award

Maphive Technology Ltd.

Mapxus Barrier-free Indoor Navigation Platform

Description of Entry:
High density and high-rise buildings are the characteristics of some smart cities nowadays. Due to the limitation of GPS signals between high-rise buildings, indoor environment appears to be a complicated maze to the citizens, especially to visually impaired people and wheelchair users. Therefore, traditional indoor positioning technology, which is highly dependent on hardware, is not feasible to support fast implementation of indoor mapping.

Mapxus has a mission to make indoor mapping simple and empower every one find the way. It helps digitalise the indoor environment by providing map, positioning and 360 degree view, and successfully reforms indoor mapping by using AI and algorithms that dramatically cut implementation cost and time. Mapxus is also recognised as the Apple Indoor Map Program partner to enable iOS-based indoor positioning.

Since 2019, Mapxus has covered around 1,000 buildings with digital maps and has enabled around 100 buildings with indoor positioning in Hong Kong. One map for multiple buildings and multiple applications is the key advantage of Mapxus technology, which is a well-demonstrated integration by software developers including indoor capability in mall directory, tourist guide and even barrier-free navigation applications. Now you can find Mapxu s in foreign countries, such as Japan and Singapore.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
Mapxus is a breakthrough innovation of indoor navigation platform. With the use of WiFi fingerprints, sensor fusion and AI, indoor venues can introduce this hardware-free solution easily with reduced deployment cost, implementation time and maintenance cost. This user-centric solution also supports turn-by-turn indoor navigation to enhance the mobility of tourists in unfamiliar attractions, and has been implemented successfully in many major cities across the Asia Pacific region with significant potential for growth and development.

Website of Entry: www.mapxus.com

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