2019 FinTech Grand Award

CoverGo Limited


Description of Entry:
CoverGo is a B2B modular platform that enables insurers, brokers and bancassurance partners to digitise and distribute insurance products via any digital channel rapidly.

CoverGo provides an end-to-end solution including instant pricing, online applications, underwriting, policy admin, commissions, claims, reporting, analytics and whitelabel frontend for all lines of business.

CoverGo has hundreds of open insurance APIs to increase connectivity in the insurance space and automate all processes. It adopts technologies such as microservices, containers, Kubernetes and multitenant hosting. The platform can be deployed in any cloud or in-house machines, and is flexibly designed to allow easy innovation of product as well as swift integration into partners’ ecosystems.


Comments from Judging Panel:
CoverGo is a B2B insurance platform provider. With the use of disruptive technology, it strives to become the open API hub for the insurance business in HK. The service they are providing is to make the insurance industry more inclusive for those smaller insurance companies that do not have their own in-house developed solutions. It also empowers existing insurance companies to transform into digital economy quickly and effectively. CoverGo is also an aggregator supporting insurance brokers.

Website of Entry: https://www.covergo.com/, https://www.coverapi.com/

CoverGo 1

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