2021 Smart Mobility Grand Award

Yee Fung Technology Limited

Hong Kong Science Park Building 17W19W Robotic Parking System

Description of Entry:
Located across Buildings 17W and 19W, the Robotic Parking system features a combination of technologies including AI, robotics & sensors, and automatic EV charging. It offers a safer and smarter enhanced car parking experience versus conventional car parks, with significant space savings and minimized lighting and ventilation power consumption.

The cutting-edge facility lets drivers simply park their cars onto the pallet inside the designated chamber and then confirm at the kiosk to initiate the parking process with a one-time-passcode generated. An automatic guided vehicle (AGV) will transport the pallet with the car to a vacant parking space. To retrieve the car, driver just inputs the assigned passcode to the kiosk and the car will be transferred by the AGV to the designated chamber for pick up. Drivers can also use the Robotic Parking System App to schedule car retrieval, check parking availability and car status.

This Entry will showcase Hong Kong’s leading edge smart city innovation and advance the city’s vision for smarter living and smarter mobility.

(Information is provided by awardee)


Comments from Judging Panel:
Car parking is one of the key issues in smart mobility. With the aim to optimise spatial efficiency, this entry is a promising innovative solution to address parking challenges. This solution adopts AI, robotics, and sensors technology to develop an automated guided vehicle robotic parking system. Integrated with the next generation technology, this is the first fully automated car park system in Hong Kong. Located at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, this parking system is publicly accessible to showcase Hong Kong’s smart city innovation. This robotic parking system also focuses on user experience with booking system to enhance flexibility to meet operational requirements. This is not only a technology application, but also a creative solution to meet business and social needs.

Website of Entry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3ElipdIie0&feature=youtu.be