2019 ICT Startup Grand Award

Roborn Dynamics Ltd.

Motion Control Humanoid Robot

Description of Entry:
Roborn Dynamics’s humanoid robot, with its motion control technology, can quickly recognise human motions and mimic them in an instant. The high performance robotic arm, having hand and fingers controllable by humans with precision from a distance, allowing it to be operated in areas that are dangerous or difficult for humans to reach. Inside the robot’s head there is a camera to capture instant image for the operator to view the surroundings. Currently, the robot and its algorithm are deployed in risky and demanding jobs such as search-and-rescue missions, bomb disposal, factory automation etc.


Comments from Judging Panel:
The startup is an extraordinary one. They have the state-of-the-art technology and great support from huge Chinese companies. Also, the founder has the relevant background and energy to make this solution good and great.

Website of Entry: http://roborn.com/

Motion Control Humanoid Robot 1

Motion Control Humanoid Robot 2