2023 Digital Entertainment Grand Award

Quantum Matrix Limited / Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association Limited


Description of Entry:
Sponsored by CreateHK of the Government of the HKSAR and organised by Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA), the Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META project was held to promote Hong Kong’s Fashion Design industry and talents. Committed to leading and exploring possibilities of the fashion industry, an immersive “fashion metaverse" offering visitors a multi-faceted look at the creative essences of design and the real-versus-virtual possibilities of fashion was created. HKFDA teams up with Quantum Matrix to transform fashion creativity and traditional craftsmanship with the city's first-ever virtual fashion show and interactive exhibits in Juxtaposed 2022, providing guests a novel interactive and immersive fashion show experience, leaving them mesmerized in this surreal world. This innovative project pushed boundaries in technology and creativity while also providing a unique and immersive experience for guests. The "fashion metaverse" has become a benchmark for innovative events in the fashion industry, inspiring designers and industry players to think beyond the conventional and embrace the possibilities of technology in fashion.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
The cutting-edge 3D scanning technology and virtual try-on experience is the first of its kind in the fashion industry. The real-time 3D real-scale rendering technology provides a unique and immersive experience for visitors of the show. The show has been a great success that attracts potential collaboration of leading fashion brands as well as leading further opportunities of staging the show to overseas markets, which will further promote the branding of HK’s creative sector. In the long run, the technology will have lasting impact on the fashion industry.

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