2022 Winner of Award of the Year and Smart Mobility Grand Award

Airport Authority Hong Kong

Flight Token Travel

Description of Entry:
The Flight Token Travel is a manifestation of streamlined operations to render a seamless travel experience from Check-in, Bag Drop, Security Check to Boarding; and a foresight of the benefits of applying an automated process which fits into the new norm under COVID-19 to create a truly touchless airport experience for the passengers. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) works closely with its business partners and technology companies to develop Innovative solutions to redefine passenger processes. The Flight Token is one of HKIA's latest innovations that aims to provide a seamless departure experience by reducing the need for repetitive document checks and queuing time. Being the first in the world to fully deploy a touchless biometric solution throughout the airport, HKIA has set a new standard in the Industry and attained remarkable achievements: 83% faster in bag drop process (from 3 minutes to 30 seconds); 83% faster in security check process (from 3 minutes to 30 seconds): 60% faster in boarding process (from 25 minutes to 10 minutes) and 96% of the customers are satisfied with the experience in a recent survey.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
Stuck in long queue with repetitive and time-consuming security checkings are all common pain points of the air travel passengers at the airports. Flight Token is a new innovative smart transport initiative developed by Airport Authority to provide seamless travel experience, better customer experience, reduced waiting time and higher efficiency.

Flight Token make use of touchless biometric solutions to simplify the document verification and biometric authentication processes. One of the major breakthrough, and also the first in the world, is to create digital token without taking photos of passengers by leveraging the use of travel document chip photos.

Not only allow passengers to pass through checkpoints faster by simply showing their faces. Flight Token also uses technology innovatively to provide an efficient, completely paperless e-gate experience and streamline the whole boarding processes. It provides a “win-win” situation by reducing the staff cost at security checking and boarding/baggage counters whereas the customers are becoming more satisfied with their seamless and paperless boarding journey.

Website of Entry: https://www.hongkongairport.com