2020 Smart Living Grand Award

Megasoft Ltd.

E-Fill (as Drug Refill Management System)

Description of Entry:
E-Fill (Drug Refill Management System) is the most innovative wireless “Light-to-Pick” system for drug retrievals inside our hospitals and clinical centers. An intelligent IoT device (AccuPyk) was attached to each drug carrier/bag/case for the patients. Once patients arrived at the hospital, the pre-packed drugs can be retrieved in less than 20 minutes. As such, manpower can be greatly reduced and patient’s waiting time can be shortened. E-Fill system can also monitor location and temperature of each drug carrier in real time to ensure proper storage of the drug.

E-Fill is fully endorsed by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. It has enormous commercial potential to be adopted by healthcare operations worldwide including Mainland China. Legacy healthcare operations in this area will be disrupted by this latest IoT technology given its ability to significantly reduce manual processes and manpower costs with “zero defects”.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
This is an impressive and truly meaningful solution which brings significant influence to the medical sector. This scalable system is built with one-to-many Bluetooth broadcast technology and integrated with workflow management. Drug manufacturers could monitor in real-time of the drug packing and transportation process, while hospitals and clinical centers could enhance the efficiency and accuracy of pharmacy operation by reducing the enormous workload and human errors during the drug retrievals process. The pain point of patients forming long queues for the prescription could be solved.

Currently being adopted in some major hospitals in Hong Kong, it is believed that this application will gain a greater level of acceptance and adoption in healthcare industry, improving the lifestyle of the stakeholders and benefiting the society as a whole.

Website of Entry: www.myndar.com

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