2022 ICT Startup Grand Award

Farmacy HK Limited

Decentralized and data-driven Indoor Smart Farming Systems

Description of Entry:
The Smart Mobile Farms (Decentralized indoor smart farming systems) adapts a technology-based approach towards food production and is often referred to as controlled-environment agriculture in vertical farming, the aim of which is to provide protection from outdoor elements and maintain optimal growing conditions. Farmacy HK has a long-standing commitment to making a profound ESG impact. In 2021, we have achieved as low as 10% food waste, which is significantly lower than approximately 45% for supermarkets globally (source: The Guardian), while retaining nearly 100% of their freshness and nutrition. Through our on-site driven growing model, we are the only living hydroponic products sold in supermarkets today.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
The solution contributes a profound impact on the ESG Goal for the local enterprises. The solution focus on addressing the environmental and social issues by reducing the CO2 emissions and quality-environmental education.

Website of Entry: http://www.farmacyhk.com/