2021 Digital Entertainment Grand Award

MatrixSense Technology Group Limited

Infanity3DTM 3D Holographic Imaging System

Description of Entry:
Infanity3DTM is a new patented 3D holographic imaging system using POV technology and high-intensity LED technology after 12 months of R&D. Together with our proprietary programming, Infanity3D™ can display SHARP and DETAIL 3D images in mid-air without wearing physical headsets. Not only does Infanity3D™ display stunning 3D images, it can also be connected with external audio and interactive system with our API portal.

(Information is provided by awardee)

Comments from Judging Panel:
The 3D Holographic Imaging System is a successful product with good integration of advanced technologies. The advanced programming allows precise image synchronization. The product is simple to use and eye-catching for exhibition and window display. The company has strong edge among overseas and mainland competitors and is quite unique in Hong Kong. Selling at an affordable price, the product has clear marketing strength with good track in sales and clientele, and many successful and innovative applications of the product.

Website of Entry: www.infanity3d.com