2020 Smart People Grand Award

KnitWarm Ltd. / Fung Fat Knitting Manufactory Ltd.


Description of Entry:
The soft and stretchable features of patented KnitWarm technology remove bulkiness, discomfort and unaesthetic appearance from existing mechanisms. An innovation without its application is never approachable. The design of KnitWarm focuses on fulfilling the market expectation for comfortable, user friendly on-the-go gadgets to maintain well-being. KnitWarm has been recognized by international and local awards for the outstanding performance in creativity, quality and branding.

The patented technology defines the formation of a ductile textile circuit inside the fabric, made of silver coated conductive yarn and other natural fibres. Heat energy is generated from resistance once connected with a 5V2A power bank. The temperature will be around 40℃, with a feeling like wearing t-shirt under the sun at noontime. All details are considered, such as the provision of the comfy fabric USB cable with a user-friendly control and the mobile app to connect up to 6 products at the same time. All KnitWarm products are good for repeated use and are washable. It’s safe, reliable and sustainable.

KnitWarm enhances the modern lifestyle of the elderly by fusing simple application design and the patented thermal-conductive smart textile technology. The distinction is to stay warm, healthy and mobile in a convenient and user-friendly way.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
The application demonstrates the innovative use of patented textile by manufacturing various products with warmth generated and pain-release functions. Together with thoughtful application design, it leverages its functions to the elderly users.

Website of Entry: https://zh.knitwarm.com/

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