2018 Digital Entertainment Grand Award

Hehaaa Production Ltd.

Passing Rain

Description of Entry:
The story happens in a secondary school of Hong Kong. The master of the story is a lovely girl who is studying next to her school playground. A basketball hits her and catches her attention of a special boy who is secretly watching her. After a shower of rain, by giving the girl a can of COKE, a pure relationship starts.

Comments from Judging Panel:
“Passing Rain” is a heart-warming Hong Kong animated short film with local feature. The judges are happy to see beautiful composition in this 3D animation with vivid motion of character and subtle facial expression. The story is easy to be understood and accepted. Familiar scene easily be recognized by audience. “Passing Rain” demonstrates beautiful animating and storytelling skill with high level of sound and music. Audience can feel the passion of the production team in this animation.

Website of Entry: www.hehaaa.com

Passing Rain 1

Passing Rain 2

Passing Rain 3