2022 Smart People Grand Award

Belun Technology Company Limited

Belun® remoVital Monitoring System

Description of Entry:
Belun Technology is a healthcare data technology company for preventive healthcare powered by billions of health fingerprints and proprietary AI algorithms collected globally, including the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia & Taiwan. They develop medical-grade wearables, MIoT solutions & AI algorithms for chronic disease health risk forecast and advice. Their newly deployed MIoT - Belun® RemoVital monitoring system empowers efficient monitoring & better care for the elderly & patients. Its alert system facilitates early detection of deteriorating patients for timely medical support. During the fifth COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong, 1,000+ devices were deployed to quarantine centres and residential care homes to monitor COVID-19 patients and safeguard the elderly. In addition, our device reduces 90% of unnecessary interactions with patients in the dirty zone, thus minimizing the risk of the virus spreading & solving the problem of care worker shortage during the pandemic. With the global ageing population, we foresee the prevalence of chronic diseases & the need for long-term healthcare solutions. In addition, the applications of ICT and Gerontechnology in the senior care industry can provide a preventive, flexible & sustainable solution to Hong Kong's ageing population & post-COVID patient recovery.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
The product demonstrates a good interfacing and application of technology in elderly service. Real-time monitoring of vital signs and timely warning of the user's physiological conditions. The caregiver can check the health status of the user anytime and remotely from anywhere, significantly improving the efficiency of care.

Website of Entry: http://www.beluntech.com/