2020 Student Innovation Grand Award

City University of Hong Kong (LI Xiao-ting)

Flexible and Wearable Yarn-Based Strain Sensor

Description of Entry:
Nowadays, there is a huge demand for flexible strain sensors in the area of smart textiles and wearable biomedical electronics, and for which the answer can be this innovative integrated waterproof yarn strain sensor for wearable applications. This invention has been published in international journal and conference, and also filed for the application of a US patent. The sensitivity of this sensor is superior, which is much better than commercial metal-based strain sensor (100 times) and research-grade silicon sensor (4 times). This will be a game changer because it can be integrated easily into various textiles such as medical textiles and textile gloves, for monitoring various human motions and controlling robotics. In the foreseeable future, this strain sensor will soon be employed in healthcare-related practical applications, and the concept of flexible and integrated sensor will show great potential in many possible applications.

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Comments from Judging Panel:
The design of the work is unique, and the research is also meticulous. It has significant breakthroughs and can be used in the fields of health care and rehabilitation.

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