Welcome Message from Mr Victor LAM, JP

Chairman of Steering Committee, Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020

Government Chief Information Officer

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region



I wish to extend my heartiest congratulations to all the winners on their achievements at the Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Awards 2020!

Since its inception in 2006, this is the 14th presentation ceremony of the Awards, which has become one of the most significant annual events in our industry. The purpose of the Awards is to commend and promote the outstanding achievements and contributions of Hong Kong’s ICT industry elites, enterprises and organisations. At the same time, it encourages local industries and practitioners to bring forth innovative solutions to further boost the industry’s professional image locally and internationally. This year, the response to the Award is unprecedentedly encouraging as it attracted a record-breaking of 1 627 applications.

The COVID-19 epidemic has swept across the world this year. Many industries have been affected with varying degrees. Under the “new normal”, the application of ICT in businesses has become more urgent and important. The rise of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, Internet of Things, 5G, blockchain, etc., does not only create business expansion opportunities for the ICT sector, but is also expected to improve the operational efficiency of different industries, public and private organisations significantly.

Innovation and technology has played a pivotal role in fighting against the epidemic. The epidemic also drives various industries to accelerate the pace of digital transformation. Technology will be an important engine that steers life and economic activities back on track. We will soon announce the Smart City Blueprint 2.0 which comprises many measures that are closely related to the daily life of our citizens, allowing them to enjoy the convenience that will be brought to their daily living by a smart city and the development of innovation and technology. Meanwhile, the "iAMSmart" platform to be launched shortly will also provide citizens with more convenient and efficient digital government services. On the path to building Hong Kong into a smart city, we need more creative talent who are eager to innovate for the local ICT industry to continue to flourish.

This year, the adjudications and the award presentation ceremony were impacted by the epidemic.  Instead of presenting their entries to the judges face-to-face, contestants made their presentations online. The award presentation ceremony, being held in an unprecedented virtual mode, highlights the importance of venturing into new frontiers by making good use of technology to mark a perfect end to the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020. I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to my fellow Steering Committee members, members of the Grand Judging Panel and the Standards Assurance Sub-Committee, Leading Organisers and all the judges. Their unfailing support has made the Awards of this special year another great success. Thank you!