Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Public Service Application Grand Award

Planning Department, HKSAR Government
GIS-based Site Search Tool

One of the main roles of the Department is to identify suitable sites for various types of land uses, such as residential, commercial, or public facilities. The own-developed search tool is built on a GIS model and a specially designed algorithm. The aim is to help its staff to execute this complicated exercise in order to select potential sites that meet the user requirement and the specific geographic constraints. There are 13 categories of selection criteria comprising over 45 data layers in the search tool. The staff can select potential units on the map and fine-tune the selection criteria for finalising an appropriate selection accurately.

Overall Comments from Judging Panel

Based on own-developed innovative algorithm, the Department successfully integrates the traditional GIS model and the multi-criteria decision support model into an effective search tool for the staff in executing complex exercise for site selection. The tool has overcome a number of known limitations of traditional “site search” methodologies, like issues related to contiguity, shape and size of the selected sites. Moreover, the built-in workflow system for the staff in running a series of selection criteria ensures most of the business and practical considerations in Hong Kong environment (like too close to gas tank or Fung Shui Woodland) would be well considered before a final site being selected.

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