Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Lifestyle Grand Award

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd.
Real-time 2D-3D Conversion Platform

This real-time conversion technology can convert low-resolution 2D video signals instantly to high quality 3D image. With this technology, consumers can enjoy 3D visual experience, no matter the video source is from DVD or digital TV broadcast. The key is built on ASTRIís algorithm which analyses each image frame in different aspects for human perception and uses filters to link each object locally for preserving their characteristics. The technology can be embedded in conveniently portable 2D-3D converter box for consumers to connect directly to traditional video devices.

Comments from Judging Panel

The real-time conversion technology innovatively turns 2D images instantly into high quality 3D effect. Further with the handy 2D-3D converter box, consumers can easily enjoy a new life style. ASTRIís R&D technology impressively produces configurable depths effect, which enables consistencies in natural viewing and thus allows audience to watch 3D content comfortably. This is an exciting technology that can be widely used in consumer and education markets.

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