Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Digital Inclusion Grand Award

Logital Co. Ltd.

EasyHear is a new technology integrating various functions of hearing aids, mobile phone, radio and Bluetooth earphone. It allows the hearing impaired and elderly people to listen much more clearly and comfortably than other hearing aids with much better signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) (3 to 4 times over conventional hearing aids) especially in noisy environments such as noisy restaurants and streets. Tonal clarity when listening to music is also much higher with EasyHear. Small unit with large colour display with Chinese and English user interface, seven large buttons and simple operation ensure ease of use for the hearing impaired users and the elderly.

Comments from Judging Panel

It is appreciated that the product aims at overcoming one of the technical hurdles that conventional hearing aids often fail, i.e. to differentiate human voices from others, making a remarkable breakthrough in the technical challenge. The patented technology gives the product a unique selling point. The entrant should put emphasis more on the global market performance in order to demonstrate the success of the device.

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