Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Digital Entertainment Grand Award

Radio Television Hong Kong / Red Production Ltd.
Happy Old Man

Granny Mui was abandoned by her family and lost the warmth of a home. She was also physically weak as she kept feeling sick. Getting in and out of the hospital made Mui feeling gloomy and depressed. She lost hope on her life.

In the hospital, Mui met an 8-year-old child named Kin Pak who suffered from progeria. After getting along with him, Mui became more cheerful. One day, Kin Pak gave Mui a precious Jumbo candy and a notebook. The notebook recorded all the happy moments Kin Pak had had in the hospital. Though this was the last time when Mui saw Kin Pak, she was deeply inspired the simple principle of happiness and the meaning of life.

Comments from Judging Panel

“Happy Old Man” is touching and educationally beneficial to the young generation. The production team has successfully chosen an artistic direction that interlaces the 2D and 3D animation to strengthen the emotional expression of characters to project an imaginative image. In addition, the team well masters art, design and technology and thus lets the audience easily grasping the message and the passion of the team. The title well combines storylines, art design, 3D modeling design and visual as well as sound effect that all together bring a synergy effect and facilitate the story telling.

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