Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Collaboration Grand Award

GoAnimate Hong Kong Ltd.
(Partner: YouTube, LLC.)

GoAnimate.com is a “do it yourself” animated video site to provide a suite of applications that enable everyone to easily create animated videos. Casual users can make video e-cards and home movies; business users can make videos to promote products; teachers can create educational content; corporate trainers can create training videos, etc. The suite of applications is deployed directly inside the website of YouTube, so that the YouTube users can use this fast, free and easy service to create animated videos, post in YouTube channels and share them with the world. So far, 4 million users have produced 9 million videos via the service.

Comments from Judging Panel

This is an innovative and interesting collaboration model between a small Hong Kong technology company and an international media giant. The collaboration comes from the synergy between YouTube’s extremely large audience and GoAnimate’s powerful and innovative solution. The company’s success is built on its passion for a good product and the progressive enhancement of the product to meet the market demands. To a small Hong Kong company starting with 6 persons from 2007, the collaboration allows it to expand rapidly around the world with minimal spending and good income stream. Hong Kong should be proud of this video-enabling solution, developed by a local small company and standing on the shoulder of a giant.

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