Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

1. To plan, organise, manage and run the award category under the directives of the Organising Committee, which should include but not limited to, devising the rules of award competition, receiving and processing entry applications, formation of judging panels, assessment of entries, etc.
2. To prepare a Project Initiation Document (PID) which describes the approach for managing and organising the awards contests with the aim of ensuring quality and timeliness in running the awards contests. The PID should also describe the business case regarding the benefits, management and team structures, and products/deliverables/ expected outcomes of the awards contests.
3. To appoint a project manager for the competitions in the specified awards category as well as to appoint appropriate competent governing body to oversee the proper execution of the competitions. Monthly progress report and statement of expenses should be prepared highlighting any major issues and/or deviations from plan with suggested solutions.
4. To liaise with and mobilise the community and industry players to participate in the awards of the specific category.
5. To serve as the focal point and contact for the specific Award Category such as handling publicity, enquiries, appeals and complaints.
6. To design, produce and distribute the prospectus detailing the particulars of the Award Category with a uniform style of presentation under the overall Awards umbrella.
7. To actively promote and engage interested stakeholders in the Awards with a view to developing the recognition of the Awards both locally and internationally, such as to identify and develop programmes and events to attract sponsorship and to identify opportunities for nominating the winners to participate in international and local ICT events to promote the Awards.
8. To work with the Awards Secretariat and Leading Organisers of other award categories to organise events of the Awards including opening ceremony, presentation ceremony, etc.
9. To work with the Awards Secretariat to update the website of the Hong Kong ICT Awards.
10. To keep a register of all information of the entrants, and to prepare a report on the details of the entrants and the eligible entries.
11. To prepare a full assessment report and recommendation on the short-listed entries for final judging.
12. To work with the Awards Secretariat in preparing publicity materials such as speeches and press releases to promote the winning entries and the Award Category.
13. To design and produce brochures for detailing the competition results of the Award Category including, but not limited to, particulars of the winners and winning entries, with a uniform style of presentation under the overall Awards umbrella.
14. To design and produce trophies of the Awards by which the Leading Organiser itself establishes in accordance with the requirement set out by the Organising Committee.
15. To provide the final report within one month after the Awards presentation ceremony. The report should review and evaluate the effectiveness of the awards contests. Opportunities identified for further improvement should also be included in the report.
16. To provide input to the Awards Secretariat in preparing financial budgets, accounts and reports for the Awards.
17. Any other matters directly related to the administration and organisation of the awards contests of the specific category as directed by the Organising Committee.

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