Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Public Service Application Grand Award

Hong Kong Police Force, and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, HKSAR Government
Central Command System of Marine Police

The Central Command System is a new integrated command and control system for the Marine Police which combines digital radar, Automatic Identification System, Automatic Vessel Location System, and communication equipment with day and night cameras, which operate in both the visible and infrared spectra, to give comprehensive coverage of the waters of Hong Kong. The system is capable of detecting and accurately identifying vessels navigating the waters of Hong Kong on a 24 hour basis. It is a highly flexible and user-friendly system which enables the operators in the Regional Command and Control Centre to respond more effectively to incidents and deploy appropriate police resources accordingly, thereby enhancing efficiency and the service we provide to the public.

Comments from Judging Panel

Traditionally, the Marine Police needs a large number of vessels touring around the Hong Kong waters in order to protect the community. By using advanced and integrated information and communications technologies, operators of the Marine Police now can sit in the office and monitor the huge water area via land-based radar and visible and infrared camera systems. For suspected cases, operators then communicate with the nearby police vessels to that specific water area for investigation. Besides saving manpower and fuel for the large number of vessels, the transformation brought by this system is maximising the operational efficiency and better protecting the public safety.

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