Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Green ICT Grand Award

CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd.
Green Data Centre

With the continuous use of IT solutions to support the CLP business activities, the demand on computer hosting services is continuously growing. In 2008, CLP anticipated a requirement to build a new Data Centre. With the limited floor space available among CLP premises, several solutions and alternatives were considered. After considering various options, the high density computing and in-situ upgrade approach was adopted to reduce the total floor space requirement by over 40%. To make this possible, high efficiency air conditioning management is required. “Feng Shui Array” was then evolved to optimise the air flow, conserve cooling capacity and enabling future water cooling capability. This has enabled CLP to operate a best-in-class Green Data Centre.

Comments from Judging Panel

The Green Data Centre shows a good balance of macro and micro issues in Green ICT. It is very focused on implementation, cost-effectiveness and sustainability issues. Also, it accounts for substantial energy saving across the group. CLP is the leader in Green ICT adoption.

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