Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Digital Entertainment Grand Award

Radio Television Hong Kong / Simage Animation & Media Ltd.
Temple Rider

People cringe at the sight of challenges. However, challenges are part of our life and help us move forward. This is a story about a little girl (Yan) who learnt to live with encouragement and confidence through her journey in a magic temple. Yan and her friends went cycling in a park one day. Unfortunately, she got an accident which caused one of the auxiliary wheels broken. She panicked and dared not to step on the bike pedals again. A monkey wizard led Yan into its magic temple in which Yan encountered different difficulties. She finally got the courage to face and overcome challenges in her life.

Comments from Judging Panel

The entry combines storyline, technological development, 3D modeling design and story presentation that all together bring a synergy effect and facilitate the story telling. The story is touching and full of educational meaning to the young generation. In addition, the production team has successfully chosen an art style direction that leverages the Hong Kong culture elements to project an imaginative and fantastic image. The entry successfully masters art, design and technology and thus lets the audience easily feeling the passion of the production team.

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