Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Public Service Application Grand Award

Efficiency Unit, Chief Secretary for Administration's Office
HKSAR Government
Complaints Intelligence System

The 1823 Call Centre acts as a single point of contact for handling public enquiries and complaints, so that the citizens have a quick and one-stop access to government services and information. Among the 2.75m calls and emails, around 0.3m is related to complaints. Since March 2009, the system uses text mining technology to conduct efficient and in-depth analysis from the complaint messages collected daily. Besides statistics, the system allows users to extract consolidated information of subject matters (such as water-dripping) and events occurred in certain locations.

Comments from Judging Panel

From the thousands of unstructured incoming complaint messages, the system is smart enough to extract the meaningful statistics and grouping for the Unit to discover more hidden social issues and form a basis for better resources allocation. When finding more complaints on dead birds in Disneyland, the Unit would co-operate with the appropriate department and Disneyland for arranging some preventive actions. When finding several complaints pointing to the same issue, the Unit would work with the appropriate department to arrange a job to fix all complaints at one time. Without the intelligence system at the back, the hidden information cannot be located and presented easily. More importantly, the passion of the Unit in using latest technologies to solve the citizenís daily problems is appreciated.

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