Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Digital Inclusion Grand Award

The Hong Kong Society for the Aged
Brain Fitness Gymnasium for the Elderly

www.loveyourbrain.org.hk is the world's first website dedicated to promoting the brain health of Chinese elderly. The website comprises all the information about brain health including basic physiology and functions of brain, tips for a healthy brain, recipes for brain health food, latest news about brain fitness and brain disease, Online Brain Test and Online Brain Training System. In the Online Brain Training System, there are totally 15 brain training games classified into 5 cognitive domains including Memory, Eye-hand Coordination, Attention, Calculation and Judgment. All the games have 3 different challenge levels from beginner to expert level, ensuring all the games are suitable for people with varies cognitive abilities. The brain training system records all the activities and achievements of individual user and have an easy-to-understand performance chart for their reference in order to facilitate users to manage their own brain health and training progress.

Comments from Judging Panel

This is a cost effective and marketable product that benefits the service users and also the provider. Fully utilizing the touch screen technology, the usability of the website and the games, as well as users' interest in ICT are largely enhanced.

This project addresses an important aspect of digital inclusion, i.e. providing content and application that can attract the interest of the seniors in ICT. The creativity of the project is much appreciated. However, it is suggested to make an English version so as to extend the service to English-speaking community.

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