Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Digital Entertainment Grand Award

Yip Wing Chung (Hong Kong Baptist University)
The Shoes

When I thought about my childhood, I remembered people left my life and I couldn't understand why. I didn't want them to, but never voice out my feelings. As I grow up, I realise people in one's life will always leave, one by one. No matter how I wish, no matter what we have been through, I am powerless to it all. The one thing that will not go away is what is in our memory.

Comments from Judging Panel

The Shoes has a simple yet candor storyline that touches audience's heart. A true story about the love of a young girl and her grandmother, The Shoes has the power to engage its audience emotionally. The Shoes moves its audience by telling a common story that we all are familiar with–the departing of a loved one. As the story is based on real personal experience, and that all voice acting was done by the film creator and her family members (mother and sister), The Shoes radiates an honest and warm feeling throughout.

The good use of visual arrangements and emotional background music help immerse its audience and enrich the storytelling. The set-up of the main scene – the young girl's house – gives a feeling of live stage performance that immerses its audience visually. The music and sound design compliments the storyline by providing an emotional rhythm, giving its audience a heartfelt feeling of family love. With basic yet down-to-earth modelling and animation techniques, The Shoes connects to its audience in a personal way. It is great to see such a simple yet powerful piece of work. The Shoes shows the great potential of Hong Kong-made animated short films.

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