Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Collaboration Grand Award

3D QuickTools Ltd.
3D Metal Tooling Design Software

The 3DQuickPress and 3DQuickForm are specially-purposed software for 3D metal tooling design in the metal-related industries, including automotive, aircraft, furniture, architectural, precision metal stamping, precision electronics, etc. There are only 3-4 similar software in the world market. The software provides geometric feature recognition, metal forming simulation, punch and die design automation and a number of very special functions for the metal-related operations. The product has nearly 600 world customers in 23 countries and is well adopted by leading metal manufacturers in US, Germany, Japan and Mainland China.

Comments from Judging Panel

As a local 5-man company, the successful market performance, the wide global coverage and the technical expertise in complex metal-related industries is impressive and may be a best-kept secret in Hong Kong. More importantly, besides concentrating its R&D efforts in metal manufacturing knowledge and programming algorithms of the software, the company is smart enough to set-up a business model to work with a network of high caliber support agencies in most manufacturing-oriented countries. After penetrating the US market, the company has successfully collaborated with its partners to penetrate the Germany and Japan markets, which are the two important metal manufacturing countries which account for almost 30% of the world metal production.

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