Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Wireless Technology Grand Award

ALTAI Technologies Limited-Winning Entry: A8 Wi Fi Cellular Base Station


The A8 WiFi Cellular Smart Base Station is developed in Hong Kong by ALTAI Technologies Ltd., which was spun off from the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI) in May 2006. The A8 base station is mainly deployed in outdoor environment to provide city-wide WiFi coverage for users to enjoy ubiquitous mobile broadband connections. By making use of the smart antenna design and advanced signal processing algorithm, the base station can effectively provide 10 times coverage of other WiFi base stations available in the market, whilst minimizing the interference effect of other signals in the un-licensed frequency spectrum, and yet lower the required capital investment in wireless network infrastructure. The base station is currently being deployed in overseas market which includes the U.S., and various Asian-Pacific countries.

Comments from Judging Panel

The application can improve the WiFi signal coverage area by 10 times, particularly in non-line of sight environment; with multiple smart antenna radio platform supports 360-degree coverage; and flexible antenna configuration catered for different site conditions. This application also supports real-time applications including Voice over IP, video streaming, and interactive gaming; as well as real-time user mobility with smart antenna beam tracking technologies.

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