Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

eBusiness Grand Award

Hongkong International Terminals
Next Generation Terminal Management System (nGen)

Hong Kong Port has earned the enviable reputation as the world's leading "Catch-up Port", where time lost on route is assured to be made-up at the facility. Consequently, technology plays an integral part in Hongkong International Terminals' (HIT) ability to handle huge throughput within a very short timeframe.

HIT has been at the vanguard of industry change, pioneering the way forward in research development, resulting in intelligent technologies that repeatedly meet industry challenges. HIT's customer-driven Next Generation Terminal Management System (nGen), elevates industry standards in terms of efficiency and competitiveness, to consolidate the territory's maritime hub status in the region.

HIT has combined state-of-the-art technology and software applications to devise an adaptable, compatible and modular terminal management system that swiftly responds to customer needs. Moreover, this is a scalable solution, which has been deployed at other ports within the Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) Group.

Comments from Judging Panel

This system has stepped up terminal productivity and significantly streamlined operations, besides opening up new business opportunities. All the port's customers have benefited from the company's capability to share information electronically with other operators. The modular design demanded vigorous people management, change management, awareness and knowledge sharing, and the result is a system that has been widely adopted outside Hong Kong––a source of genuine pride.

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