Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Lifestyle Grand Award

PlayMotion Limited
PlayMotion Core

PlayMotion Core is a Vision Based Platform where the content is specifically designed for normal individual or one suffers from muscular disease to autism. The content with vivid colors and sound can motivate individual to move and interact by using their shadow. By stimulating userís physical, auditory and visual senses, it improves their motor skill, health, physical co-ordination, emotion and communication.

The game is user friendly and can be setup in minutes by a trained staff. The content is customizable so that the game can adapt to the features, preferences of an individual. It is especially important in the situation of interactions with children with autism because their individual differences. It is also designed in step-by-step levels, for children to build up their confident and become more competent.

The major designs are based on theme and inspiration from the environment; usability and fun factor are also key ingredients. The playable surface starts from 12 sqm and can be as big as 54 sqm. This size can provide a highly visual impact zone for all ages with different capabilities to play, exercise and heal all at the same time.

Comments from Judging Panel

Practical function and feature of platform immerse on top of interaction. The innovative design is based on content, which is not limited by physical devices. Besides, the unique content is original in creativity and visual impact is user friendly. A true lifestyle application contributes to technology in real world solution.

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