Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Innovation & Research Grand Award

Immigration Department, HKSAR Government
Electronic Passport System (e-Passport)

The Electronic Passport System (e-Passport System) supports and controls the issue of the Hong Kong SAR electronic passport (e-Passport). Multiple state-of-the-art technologies are seamlessly integrated in the system to accomplish the department's mission of issuing to Hong Kong residents highly secure travel documents to facilitate their travel.

The e-Passport System is highly creative and innovative. The system is capable of assessing different natures of passport applications automatically in paperless working environment. Advanced biometric technologies are incorporated to strengthen identity management. The one-stop personalisation process and advanced anti-forgery technology adopted also help enhance the security and quality of the e-Passport. While enhancing operation efficiency and accuracy, it minimizes the manpower required through automation and streamlined procedures.

The system supports application through multiple channels such as self-service kiosk. The kiosk that resembles a benevolent Immigration Officer provides an interactive platform for one-stop processing. Being the first to make use of the RFID technology in passport retrieval, the e-Cabinet further contributes to inventory control of e-passports.

Furthermore, the e-Passport System is highly flexible and scalable to support further development.

Comments from Judging Panel

With the ideas of self-serviced e-Passport applications, the product is user-friendly and time saving that serves user in an effective manner. The design is composed of security technologies and intelligence with its comprehensiveness in planning and development. The project is of high commercial value for which the know-how could be transferred to other industries. This innovative development shall promote Hong Kong image internationally as the users will travel all round the world.

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