Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016

Best Digital Inclusion Grand Award

Cyber Senior Network Development Association Ltd.
Elderly Computer Tutor Training Programme

To encourage the elderly using computer and to equip them with relevant knowledge, the Association has launched the Programme since 2007. The Programme aims to train the elderly to become computer tutors. Based on the experience and knowledge gained, they can then teach other elders to use computers.
The Programme helps to build up elders’ confidence in using computer. It also allows elders apply what they have learnt by sharing computer knowledge with others, which is effective in narrowing the digital gap between the elderly and other groups in the society.

Comments from Judging Panel

The sharing of the “Net Net Teachers” was very impressive that they had shown the enthusiasm and devotion to train other seniors. In the process of teaching ICT and designing tailor-made curricula for seniors, the “Net Net Teachers” had well-demonstrated their strong motivation and activeness. Furthermore, the “Teaching is Learning” concept had been put into practice successfully and had enhanced the sustainability of the program.

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